Bolivia’s Copa America 2024 Squad: Embracing the Altitude

Established in 1925, the Bolivian national football team has been a resilient force in South American football. As they step onto the Copa America stage, the team founded in 1925 brings a rich history and a determination to make a mark. With an average height of 1.78m and an average age of 26.1 in 2024, Bolivia’s squad is ready to embrace the challenges of the tournament.

Key Achievements

While Bolivia may not have the extensive trophy cabinet of some counterparts, their fervor for the game and the iconic victories in high-altitude home games are etched in football history.

Squad Highlights


  1. Carlos Lampe (Bolívar La Paz)
  2. Guillermo Viscarra (The Strongest La Paz)


  1. Diego Bejarano (Bolívar La Paz)
  2. Héctor Cuéllar (Always Ready El Alto)
  3. Roberto Fernández (Baltika Kaliningrad)
  4. Luis Haquín (Deportivo Cali)
  5. Adrián Jusino (The Strongest La Paz)
  6. Diego Medina (Always Ready El Alto)
  7. Jairo Quinteros (Bolívar La Paz)
  8. Carlos Roca (The Strongest La Paz)
  9. Jesús Sagredo (Bolívar La Paz)
  10. José Sagredo (Bolívar La Paz)
  11. Marcelo Suárez (Always Ready El Alto)
  12. Pablo Vaca (Always Ready El Alto)
  13. Leonardo Zabala (Santos FC)


  1. Danny Bejarano (Nea Salamis Ammochostou)
  2. Jaime Arrascaita (The Strongest La Paz)
  3. Boris Cespedes (Yverdon Sport)
  4. Lucas Chávez (Bolívar La Paz)
  5. Jeyson Chura (The Strongest La Paz)
  6. Julio Herrera (Always Ready El Alto)
  7. Leonel Justiniano (Bolívar La Paz)
  8. José Martines (Always Ready El Alto)
  9. Álvaro Quiroga (The Strongest La Paz)
  10. Daniel Rojas (Oriente Petrolero Santa Cruz)
  11. Fernando Saucedo (Bolívar La Paz)
  12. Miguel Terceros (Santos FC)
  13. Luciano Ursino (The Strongest La Paz)
  14. Henry Vaca (Maccabi Bnei Reineh)
  15. Ramiro Vaca (Bolívar La Paz)
  16. Gabriel Villamil (Bolívar La Paz)
  17. Moisés Villarroel (Águilas Doradas Rionegro)


  1. Carmelo Algarañaz (Bolívar La Paz)
  2. Víctor Ábrego (Universitario Vinto)
  3. Jaume Cuéllar (FC Barcelona Atlètic)
  4. Bruno Miranda (Royal Pari Santa Cruz)
  5. Enzo Monteiro (Santos FC)
  6. Marcelo Moreno Martins (Independiente del Valle)
  7. Fernando Nava (Atlético Paranaense)
  8. Rodrigo Ramallo (Aurora Cochabamba)
  9. Jair Reinoso (Aurora Cochabamba)


Bolivia’s Copa America 2024 squad, crafted with a mix of experienced players and emerging talents, reflects the nation’s commitment to the beautiful game. As they confront opponents on the field, the Bolivian team, proud of their football heritage, aims to showcase their skills and create memorable moments in the tournament. The journey promises to be challenging, but with a blend of determination and skill, Bolivia stands ready to leave a lasting impression on the Copa America stage.

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