Chile’s Roja Revolution: Copa America 2024 Squad Unveiled

As the oldest football federation in South America, the Federación de Fútbol de Chile, founded in 1895, continues its storied legacy with a squad poised to make an impact at the Copa America 2024. With an average height of 1.78m and an average age of 27.2, Chile brings a blend of experience and youthful exuberance to the tournament. The nation, known for its passionate football culture, anticipates a thrilling campaign.

Key Achievements

Chile has experienced football success in recent years, claiming multiple Copa America titles. The 2024 squad, built on a foundation of skill and determination, aims to carry on the Roja’s winning tradition.

Squad Highlights


  1. Gabriel Arias (Racing Club Avellaneda)
  2. Claudio Bravo (Real Betis Sevilla)
  3. Cristóbal Campos (Universidad de Chile Santiago)
  4. Brayan Cortés (Colo Colo Santiago)


  1. Paulo Díaz (River Plate Buenos Aires)
  2. Matías Catalán (Talleres Córdoba)
  3. Rodrigo Echeverría (Huracán Buenos Aires)
  4. Guillermo Maripán (AS Monaco)
  5. Nayel Mehssatou (KV Kortrijk)
  6. Eugenio Mena (Universidad Católica Santiago)
  7. Guillermo Soto (Baltika Kaliningrad)
  8. Gabriel Suazo (Toulouse FC)
  9. Matías Zaldivia (Universidad de Chile Santiago)


  1. Javier Altamirano (Estudiantes La Plata)
  2. Williams Alarcón (Huracán Buenos Aires)
  3. Charles Aránguiz (SC Internacional)
  4. Lucas Assadi (Universidad de Chile Santiago)
  5. Matías Fernández (Independiente del Valle)
  6. Maximiliano Guerrero (Deportes La Serena)
  7. Felipe Loyola (Huachipato Talcahuano)
  8. Gary Medel (CR Vasco da Gama)
  9. Víctor Méndez (CSKA Moskva)
  10. Marcelino Núñez (Norwich City)
  11. Darío Osorio (FC Midtjylland)
  12. César Pérez (Unión La Calera)
  13. Vicente Pizarro (Colo Colo Santiago)
  14. Erick Pulgar (CR Flamengo)
  15. Diego Valdés (América México)
  16. Arturo Vidal (Atlético Paranaense)


  1. Bruno Barticciotto (Talleres Córdoba)
  2. Alexander Aravena (Universidad Católica Santiago)
  3. Marcos Bolados (Colo Colo Santiago)
  4. Ben Brereton (Villarreal CF)
  5. Víctor Dávila (CSKA Moskva)
  6. Juan Delgado (Sheffield Wednesday)
  7. Damián Pizarro (Colo Colo Santiago)
  8. Diego Rubio (Colorado Rapids)
  9. Alexis Sánchez (Inter Milano)


Chile’s Roja, with a rich football heritage, is ready to create a new chapter in their story at Copa America 2024. As the players don the iconic red jersey, they carry the hopes and dreams of a passionate nation. With a squad that blends tactical acumen, technical prowess, and a never-say-die spirit, Chile aims to leave an indelible mark on the tournament. The stage is set for a Roja Revolution, and fans eagerly await the unfolding drama on the South American football stage.

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